AAR: Battle of Albuera 1811

This AAR was written by Jason and Aldlin from Forum Strategie, and translated (so imperfectly) by Torgill. Jason and Aldlin played battle of Albuera in June 2016, using Gods of war – Napoleon rules and 1:72 (20 mm) miniatures.

The battle:

Initial report:

Deployment was mixed, partly historical, partly we allowed some changes to gain the effect of surprise. The British forces concentrated over a defence of Albuera, leaving Spanish troops on a right flank, which was heavily attacked by Soult main force. Lack of artillery in that area contributed to fast assault, fusillade and some heavy hand to hand fighting.

In the meantime some of best Soult’s units tied many British units in vicinity of Albuera, effectively hampering further reinforcements of Spanish forces (this applies to Stewart’s division).

On the British/Spanish flank after some heavy fighting, the French forces were repelled. Soult reformed his forces and was ready for an another attack, but out time ended, so we finished the battle – the result was almost historical, maybe little better for the French (they managed to hold Albuera).

The Battle:

Here we present photographs from the battle – sorry for their quality, but the battle was so fierce, that we sometimes forget to make them!

View from the French left flank and French flanking maneuver.

Allied right flank with Spanish forces – they opposed French flanking maneuver.

View of the battlefield around Albuera.

Battlefield from above.

Some of French forces standing next to Albuera, defended by KGL light brigade.

Portuguese – British troops prepared to defend Albuera.

Spanish battleline from Blake’s corps: Lardizabal, Ballasteros and Zayas divisions.

Beginning of the battle. French commences their assault, Spanish forces regroup to a hill on a right flank.

Same situation from a different point of view.

British forces from 4th Division remain on its positions behind a stream. Allied cavalry regroups behind infantry lines.

Allied right flank after initial attacks.

Albuera. KGL was wiped out of town, Portuguese troops are preparing for a counter – assault.

A mess 🙂

The French used their lances and bayonets. We can see how they advance Spanish line cavalry and Irish regiment. Spanish hussars make a counter – assault. French infantry is fighting with Spanish troops from Ballasteros division. Some of Lardizabal troops are flanked by French artillery batteries – how nice 🙂

British Dragoon Guards and 13th Light Dragoons prepared for a counter – assault.

View of a entire battlefield at that moment.

Portuguese troops from Hamilton’s division tried to recapture Albuera.

2nd British division on a march to support Spanish right flank.

French assault.

View of a entire battlefield from Albuera’s side.

The Spanish defended the hill. We can see Irish regiment from Zayas’s division. In the foreground Polish Vistula Uhlans, who wiped out Spanish line cavalry. We can see them engaging Hussares de Castilla – they will share the same fate. The British forces are standing behind a river.

The Irishmen from Zayas’s division hold the hill.

The French withdraw after unsuccessful advance over Ballasteros’s positions. They lost almost three battalions in bayonet fight.

Same situation from above.

From the British point of view.

We don’t have photos from next turn. This is battlefield after some more fighting. Dragoon Guards were victorious over Polish Vistula Lancers. Lardizabal and Ballasteros divisions bleed out to French assault and artillery bombardment. A new battle line is formed by Zayas nad Cole’s 4th division.

Same situation from a French point of view. In Albuera Portuguese forces were unable to retake the village. Its a stalemate.
We were unable to continue this battle because of lack of time, but we will play this battle again!

How you liked the battle?


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